Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny ... Me ...

This picture was taken on Halloween 2007. David is by far one of the cutest clowns I've ever seen. He was a whopping three (3) months old in this picture. He seemed very pleased to have his picture taken and he clearly didn't seem annoyed by Mom applying makeup to his face.

He has become quite a funny little boy. He loves following his big brother around. He and Cameron make quite a duo. When they are together, they rival the Tasmanian Devil. Their path of destruction leaves no doubt that they have been here. You've heard that a school of piranha can deskeletonize a cow in under two (2) minutes; they can destroy a house in just under three (3). Not quite as efficient as a school of piranha, but still pretty impressive. It sure makes keeping the house clean a difficult task at best.

Lately, the roles of their little "gang" have changed. David now seems to lead the pair on their conquest of demolition. Cameron seems more than happy to follow. The day will soon come when David will be considered the "big" brother and Cameron will be looking up to him.

David has recently developed a fun personality. If he's in an unfamiliar place, or with unfamiliar people, he clams up. But, when he's comfortable with his environment, he really comes out of his shell and shows off his true colors. Lately, he says things or does things that are hysterical and we all laugh, of course. After we settle down a little bit, he smiles and says with a laugh, "Funny ... me ..." And he is. He reminds me a lot of Riley at this age. I look forward to the next couple of years when he really comes into his own. What a cutie!

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